Get Family Friendly Entertainment at Home

How to get Family Friendly Entertainment on your local cable affiliate:

Call your local cable operator.

Request that Family Friendly Entertainment be added to your local cable system’s basic service. Call or write your local cable operator and request they add Family Friendly Entertainment to your lineup. Each month when you pay your cable bill write a note on the bill requesting they add Family Friendly Entertainment to their system.

Your cable operator may call Family Friendly Entertainment at 1.800.665.2334 for complete information.


The easiest way to get FFE music channel on YOUR TV is finally here!

FFE launches their channel on the #1 TV viewing box. Roku—the original, best-selling video player. With Roku, you can now enjoy Family Friendly Entertainment — all instantly on your TV, whenever you want it. No more waiting for your cable or satellite provider to carry FFE, it now can come straight to your TV!


No Computer Needed
Roku connects easily to your TV and wireless network at home. You will be up and watching your favorite music videos on FFE in minutes. *Setup required through Roku.comYou Can Do It!
With the simple remote, you just click on the FFE channel and watch. It’s even more convenient than watching a DVD or your local cable channel. No satellites to put up, no additional cable subscriptions to carry. There are no extra monthly bills!Watch FFE!
rokuYou will NOT lose any of your other cable channels or current TV channels.More to Come
FFE will also be adding more channels under FFE for other Family Friendly programs that everyone will enjoy!roku-retailers